Frequently asked questions

What does La Folie mean?

La Folie is a French word that means madness, crazy and love. Which is the perfect way to describe aerial dance.

Which apparatuses can compete in La Folie Aerial Championships?

La Folie is a silks/tissu based competition with open apparatus divisions. We accept any apparatus with a single hanging point. This includes lyra, trapeze, net, hammock, rope, chains and cube with in our performance and duo divisions.

Is La Folie Aerial Championships affiliated with a studio?

No. La Folie is a completely independant and unbiased competition.

How much does it cost to enter La Folie?

To submit you audition video it costs $25 per division you enter. Once you have been accepted into La Folie there is a $50 competitor fee.

Can I apply for multiple divisions?

Yes you can. You can apply for one silks division, one performance division and the duo division.

How many judges are there at La Folie?

There are three judges at every competition.

Does a judge score their own students who are competing?

No. We get a list of students they have taught in the previous three months and provide a stand in judge for those performances.

Who provides the apparatus?

Each competitor needs to bring their own apparatus for their performance. Please put a name tag on it.

Can I have a support person backstage?

Yes you can have one support person back stage with you. But they will need to purchase a ticket to watch the show.

When will I recieve the judges feedback?

Please allow two weeks to recieve the judges feedback after performing. If it's been two weeks and you still haven't recieved it email

How do you win the national titles?

When you compete you get a score. The highest scores across all competitions will be awarded the National titles for first, second and third place.